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Writing a book step two, pages and sub titles

Posted On: Saturday 28th May 2011
Summary: When writing your book you need to have a rough idea how many pages you plan to write.

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ebooksThe biggest challenge for most people is how many pages will you need to create to ensure your book is worth the amount you are selling it for.
Let me first size, it is not the size of the book which determines its value, it is the value of the information within the ebook or digital book. Quality of content not size of book will determine its value.
So how many pages to your book should there be, you can start with say 30 to 40 and go as far as may be 120. Personally if I hade 120 I would split it into three volumes which will add value and mean it is more likely to be read.
If you have read the blog on titles and sub titles you will now we said 10 titles and 6 to 8 sub titles.
This means if you write a page for each sub title then you will have at least 60 pages.
This is easier to achieve than you think especially if you add some photos to the pages and you create your book in say Arial Font size 14 with the titles and sub titles at Arial 18 and 16 respectively.
I also recommend you change the spacing to 1.5 which will create more white space on the page making it easier to read.
Before you know it you have written your e-book or digital book.




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