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Brain Power and You

Posted On: Friday 6th April 2012
Summary: We have carried it around since birth and added to it each day, yes I am talking about our brains. The fact is the majority of us only use a fraction of the computing power between our ears even though almost everything we need to know is stored there.

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Brain Power

Even though I achieved a considerable amount during the first 40+ years of my life it was only in my 40's did I get the opportunity to really start to understand the human brain and its full potentional.

Now some 20 years or so later I am using the knowledge gained every day to help people really start to achieve their full potential.

It is true, most human beings only use about 10% of their brain power and let me tell you why.

First of all the conscious mind, the bit you are aware of is just a small amount of your total brain power. Most of your brain operates at an unconcious level or put another way a level you are not aware of.

Think about it, oh yes, you need to use your brain now, have you ever been looking for something and have a thought you know where it is, but just cannot recall it. Well the reason for this is the information is stored somewhere in your unconscious mind and because you have not practsied recalling items from this huge storage bank, you find it hard to do it when you most need what you are looking for.

I am going to be writing a number of Blog entries on this subject plus a new section in the contents area on the left hand side of the home page, so make sure you look out for these items and learn the secrets of your brain.

Just before I go today, Your brain stores everything you see, hear, feel and touch plus every thought you have in a huge bank of computers inside your head, with the right skills you can access all this information and put it to great use. Want to know more then join me in my next blog.




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