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Some Backlinks are more powerful than the rest

Posted On: Thursday 24th November 2011
Summary: As I spoke about in my last Blog entry, backlinks can make a huge difference, today i want to talk about some of the most powerful backlinks.

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SEO back linksBacklinks with great power.

Back links are used to measure the popularity of your website, think about it, if all the top websites in your chosen market place were linked to your site, wouldn't that suggest that your site was an authority on the subject you have chosen.

Put it another way, every site in your market place knows you have so much valuable information that will benefit their visitors they want everyone to click the link and come to your site.

You might say this is a dream come true or could make it come true by first adding more and more quality information on your site so other people start to recognise you as the authority on your chosen subject.

So who is the authority on any given subject, well in general it is considered that the Universities and Colleges are the authority and in return they have been given the title on the net of .edu.

Just imagine if you could link to a site which has a .edu tag, surely this would mean considerable respect from the search engines if you have one or more back links for your chosen keywords on an authority site with .edu.

Watch this space because if you are in the make money market or health and fitness market you may well be able to achieve a back link from a .edu site.

More coming soon.




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